Galante Lancman


Exibitions, Creative Direction

Paris Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee and with the support of the Paris Mayor’s Office, presented an exhibition dedicated to design and tourism in Paris and the Paris region: Lost in Paris. Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, multifaceted designers and Parisians by adoption, acted as creative directors for the exbitions. Through a quirky and original concept, they offered a personal, current, and pertinent vision of an immediate and unexpected Paris. The Paris region is the number 1 tourist destination in the world. Every stay in the Paris region must be a unique experience for visitors: a new “first time”. For this exhibition, they propose “designing experiences” and bringing extraordinary moments to life for audiences that will become so many memories engraved in their memory. All the projects demonstrate design’s capacity for generating emotion and re-enchanting daily life. Maurizio Galante’s and Tal Lancman’s process and work illustrate how designers, through their cross-cutting approach, creativity, and attention to habits, have a major role to play in developing tourist offerings and reinforcing the Paris region’s attractiveness and reputation.