Galante Lancman


Metallic sculpture, unique piece.

Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman have created WAVE 11, a sculpture that celebrates the weathering and metamorphosis process.

Teeming with life, Wave 11 tells of a meeting between vegetal and animal life forms in growth, thus producing a variety of volcanic-like textures. Neither animals nor plants, they manifest a third nature.

Metallic surfaces bubbling with textures testify of interactions among materials; a diversity of tissues reminiscent of a brimming coral reef, faraway lunar landscapes, or delicate lace-like textures formed over centuries.

Time and energy are major factors in this experimental project, as this series strives to tell of a transformation process. Savouring the moment of pause, as during a reading, when one takes a deep breath to better continue. It is therefore a question of fixing a moment in time, what the Japanese call ‘mu’, a moment so close to nothing that it becomes the whole.

WAVE 11 mural sculpture is represented by Armel Soyer gallery

Ph. Eleonora Terenzi – PLANIUM Srl