Galante Lancman

In collaboration with the artisan Sergio Pilastri

Exhibition at Levebre & Fils gallery, Paris
February 16 – March 25 2023 Curator Silvana Annicciarico

The artist duo Maurizio Galante & Tal Lancman present a series of art pieces created in their own distinctive language and fertilised by their love of ceramics ancient know how. For this exhibition they have conceived a series of objects that sublimate everyday life as well as objects with monumental mystical presence. They will be presenting a tableware set comprising 300 unique pieces, their ‘Explosion Face’ hand embroidered ceramic vases, as well as Monster Heads sculptures.

Balancing age-old and contemporary ceramic techniques with futuristic imagery, these novel creations are distinctly authentic and dynamic. Eclecticism and juxtaposition are fundamental elements of Galante & Lancman’s vision. Avid collectors of Japanese Keiju figurines, they have over time developed their own family of monster characters. 

The exhibition showcases captivating creatures born from the artists’ private mythology, with universal appeal to enchant. 


Ph. Mario Lensi