Le timbre coeur
Design: Maurizio Galante
Edited by LA POSTE

Reference number:
11 11 005 stamp 20 g - 0,58 €
11 11 006 stamp 50 g - 0,90 €
30 x 30 mm square with integrated heart

Every year for the past 10 years, La Poste, the French post-office has proposed a new heart-shaped postage stamp. The fashion house of Yves Saint-Laurent was the first to design “heart-shaped” stamps.
For    Valentines    Day    2011, Maurizio Galante has created two audacious and totally new stamps. One is entitled “Colour me”, which is left free to be coloured by the person who buys this stamp. If its appearance resembles a colouring book, retaining a child-like joy, it is somewhat more complex.
Free of commercial constraints, Maurizio Galante challenges the creativity of each person. The other, passionately red, is entitled “Engrave the initials of your love”.
It refers to childhood memories, when lovers carved tree bark to mark their union for eternity. In both cases, everyone becomes the author of their own stamp!



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